Myles washington

myles Washington

Charlotte, North Carolina

Professional Athlete



In these highlights, you will witness some incredible basketball moments throughout the years. You will see myself executing impressive dunks, delivering accurate three-pointers, and making skillful passes. The years are filled with intense games, buzzer-beaters, and memorable plays that keep the fans on the edge of their seats


To establish a successful career as an professional basketball player, competing at a high level in international leagues. My goal is to showcase my skills, contribute significantly to my team's success, and gain valuable experience playing against top-level competition. I aim to continuously improve my game, expand my basketball knowledge, and make a positive impact both on and off the court. Ultimately, I aspire to be recognized as a respected and sought-after player in the global basketball community.

ATHLETIC achievements:

PeachBelt Regular Season Runner-Up-2019

PeachBelt Tournament Finalist -2019

NJCAA D1 Southeast District Champion -2020

GCAA D1 Regular Season Co-Champion -2020

GCAA D1 Tournament Winner -2020

AII-GCAA D1 Second Team - 2020

GCAA D1 AII-Tournament MVP -2020

ODAC Tournament Finalist -2023

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Charlotte, North Carolina

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(704) 449-8662

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